Custom designed landscape lighting

Proudly serving Cedar Falls, Hudson, La Porte City, Sumner, Tripoli, Waterloo, Waverly and the whole Cedar Valley in Northeast Iowa.

Landscape lighting makes all the difference

Nothing brightens your lawn and home like lights from Turf and Landscape Inc. Our landscape lighting systems are custom designed to highlight the best features of your lawn and garden at night, while still remaining affordable. Turf and Landscape Inc. takes the time to properly frame your home using path lights, photocells, uplights, downlights and even spotlights. To top it off, our lights are low maintenance. Turf and Landscape Inc. selects bulbs with 10- to 15-year warranties, reducing your service costs.

Landscape lighting on a custom stone walkway in residential landscaping
Landscaping lighting illuminates a brick and stone path and a custom patio design.

Enhance ambiance and safety

Lights not only add an incredible aesthetic at night, they help keep your home safe. Path lights and yard lighting illuminate dark walkways that could lead to stumbles and falls. A well-lit home and yard can also discourage burglars and thieves who may stop by at night.

Your future is bright when you choose professionally installed lighting systems from Turf and Landscape Inc.

Other lighting services include:

  • Thorough review of ground before installation

  • Low-voltage lighting

  • Sales of all materials required for lighting

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